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Reed Wetland
Shajiabang Reed Wetland

National AAAA Grade

Tourist Attractions

Shajiabang Reed Wetland

The total area of Shajiabang Resort is 31.27 square kilometers, including 21.4 square kilometers of land area and 9.97 square kilometers of water area. The area is fully equipped with functional facilities, creating a leisure and vacation industry chain with appreciation of history and culture, experience of natural ecology, leisure and health care, and special festivals and activities.



Total resort area


.4 sq.km.

Land area


.97 sq.km.

Water area



National 5A Scenic Area

Shajiabang Reed Wetland was approved by Changshu Municipal People's Government in 2009 and approved as a provincial tourism resort by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government in 2012.

Located on the beautiful Yangcheng Lake, Shajiabang Reed Wetland is connected to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Sujiahang Expressway and Xitai First Class Highway, with very convenient transportation. With Shajiabang Reed Wetland, red beautiful village Ludang village, Tang City ancient town, Kuncheng Lake and other special resort resources. The resort area is based on the combination of red and green, integrated development, has become a unique leisure tourism resort in the Yangtze River Delta region, was awarded the national 100 red tourism classic scenic spot, national patriotism education demonstration base, national AAAA-level tourist attractions, national defense education demonstration base, national wetland park, national urban wetland park, Jiangsu Province self-driving tour base, Jiangsu Province ecological civilization education base, etc. Honorary title.

Shajiabang Reed Wetland

Shajiabang-Ludang Village

Shajiabang Reed Wetland

Shajiabang-Rutang Wetland

Shajiabang Reed Wetland Attractions

Shajiabang Reed Wetland

With unique historical, humanistic and natural ecological resources, the Shajiabang Reed Wetland currently forms functional areas such as Revolutionary Tradition Education Zone, Red Stone Folk Culture Village, Reed Water and Land Maze, National Defense Education Park, Hengjing Old Street Film and Television Base, and Shajiabang Wetland Science Park, with high-quality tourism resources and rich experience programs, allowing you to experience the beauty of Shajiabang from day to night in an all-round way.

Tangcheng Ancient Town

Tang City is the only relatively well-preserved ancient town in Changshu City, which has been a famous trade and distribution center since the Ming Dynasty and is known as "the first town of Tang City among the 18 towns in the Eastern Township" and "Golden Tang City". The ancient town's stone streets are lined with ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the prosperous scenes of the past can be vaguely observed. At the same time, there are many famous people in Tang City, such as Yan Ne, the Ming Dynasty university scholar, Yang Yi, the founder of "Tang City School", Gu Yanwu, the patriotic aspirant, and Mao Jin, the book collector, etc. They all add to Tang City's capital.

Kuncheng Lake

Kuncheng Lake is located in the south of Changshu City, close to Shajiabang Scenic Area, with convenient transportation and a water area of 18.4 square kilometers, which is the largest lake within Changshu City. With unique location advantage, rich humanistic deposits and huge development space, it is a precious natural landscape and the core block of the urban ecosystem. 

Lutang Village

Lutang Village is located in the southernmost part of Shajiabang Town, adjacent to Shajiabang Reed Wetland, Sujiahang Expressway and Xitai First Class Highway passing through the village, with convenient transportation and obvious location advantages. The total area of the village is 6.5 square kilometers, with a water area of about 6,000 mu, consisting of 12 natural villages, with a total of 585 households and a household population of 2,158. It has been awarded many honors such as Jiangsu Province Health Village, Jiangsu Province Eco Village, Jiangsu Province Democracy and Rule of Law Demonstration Village, Suzhou Pioneer Village and Changshu Advanced Grassroots Party Organization.

Aeon Dream Mall

Aeon Dream Mall is located in the southern area of Changshu City, close to the Shajiabang Scenic Area, with extremely convenient transportation. It covers an area of 125,000㎡, with a commercial area of about 100,000㎡. In addition to the Aeon integrated department store supermarket, there are about 180 brand specialty stores in the whole complex. The shopping center mall has 3,800 parking spaces, which is convenient for customers to park and shop for leisure and entertainment.

Address: Reeds in Shajiabang Town, Changshu City, Suzhou

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