Shajiabang Shajiabang
Shajiabang Shajiabang
Shajiabang Shajiabang
Shajiabang Shajiabang
Shajiabang Shajiabang
Shajiabang Shajiabang

National Grade 5A Tourist Attractions、National Wetland Park

Shajiabang Reed Wetland

The resort is located in the beautiful Yangcheng Lake, connected to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Sujiahang Expressway and Xitai First Class Highway, with very convenient transportation. With its unique ecological environment, revolutionary history and folk culture, Shajiabang Resort has become a unique leisure and tourism resort in the Yangtze River Delta.

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    National 5A Grade Scenic Spot

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Spring Events

Spring to flowers to wait for you to come, every spring, Sajiabang Wetland Park, millions of blue flowers open, people meet Sajiabang to enjoy the "water blue flower field", the friendship has become a tradition, Sajiabang will be held every year wetland blue flower festival, open to see the blue flower field, taste the blue flower feast, play the field of wilderness.

Summer Events

The annual Dragon Boat Cultural Festival is grand and traditional, racing dragon boats, wrapping zongzi, wearing incense pouches, summer weighing, hanging mugwort calamus, Shajiabang people decorate this festival with unique folk culture, in Hengjing old street, a scene of the old folk customs will be performed again.

Fall Events

There is a family in the pillow of Qinglu, and the crab is fat and waiting for you to come. Shajiabang is located in Yangcheng Lake, hairy crab farming has a long history, in order to promote the integrated development of agriculture and tourism, expand the brand influence of Shajiabang hairy crab, and promote the development of agricultural economy, Shajiabang will hold a grand hairy crab food culture festival and a thousand crab feast every year.

Winter Events

Spring Festival is the most grand and lively traditional festival in Chinese folklore. For the Chinese New Year festival, a strong Spring Festival atmosphere has been arranged in Shajiabang, and there are a series of interesting activities and exquisite gifts to spend the Spring Festival holiday with you.

Shajiabang Reed Wetland

National 5A Scenic Area, National Wetland Park, National 100 Red Tourism Classic Scenic Area, National Patriotism Education Demonstration Base, National Popular Science Education Base, National Urban Wetland Park, selected as "the first batch of national primary and secondary school students' study and practice education base" and "National War Memorial Facilities and Sites List" by the State Council.

Resort News
Shajiabang Luyi Chinese New Year Gift Box is online! Take home a delicious treat~
Shajiabang Luyi Kitchen丨 "Crayfish PLUS Edition"- Cooked Drunken Freshwater Oolong
Exclusive benefits for Changshu residents! Free daytime opening days at Shajiabang Scenic Area open December 1-7 for warmth~
A hairy crab in Shajiabang, come and taste it!

Address: Reeds in Shajiabang Town, Changshu City, Suzhou

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