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Shajiabang Luyi Chinese New Year Gift Box is online! Take home a delicious treat~

In terms of memory, "hometown" and "taste" are a perfect match, and when the aroma of Chinese New Year begins to fill the air, Chinese people know that it is the smell of New Year. A Luyi "Chinese New Year Gift Box" begins

Shajiabang Luyi Kitchen丨 "Crayfish PLUS Edition"- Cooked Drunken Freshwater Oolong

Today [snow] winter rhyme is getting enough to eat a lot of hairy crabs today to take you to know a new fellow crawfish industry's newest - "freshwater Australian dragon" is also this season can not miss the food oh

Exclusive benefits for Changshu residents! Free daytime opening days at Shajiabang Scenic Area open December 1-7 for warmth~

In order to give back to the local residents of Changshu, the Shajiabang Scenic Area has been conducting free open days for Changshu residents since 2011. In order to avoid the peak of visitors to the scenic area and give everyone a comfortable and relaxed visiting environment, from 2015 onwards, the free open days will be held from 1-7 December (8:30-16:30) every year. This year, from 1-7 December (8:30-16:30), we will still see you there.

A hairy crab in Shajiabang, come and taste it!

There is a time to eat hairy crabs, as the old saying goes: "The navel is round in September and the tip in October". You eat female crabs in September and male crabs after October. The months here refer to the lunar calendar. It is the tenth month of the lunar calendar when the male crabs are gradually gaining cream and their meat is increasing, so the best time to taste them has arrived!

Shajiabang 丨Hello spring~Come and visit us!

Spring is in full bloom and the grass is growing, so it's a great time to get out and about. The water and sky are warm and breezy, and the reeds are beginning to sprout and flowers are blooming in the ancient town of Jiangnan, where rivers and lakes intersect, creating a picturesque landscape of small bridges and flowing water.

The wintering birds have arrived in Shajiabang in late autumn~

The Shajiabang National Wetland Park is located at the downstream end of the Yangtze River, adjacent to Yangcheng Lake to the south and Kuncheng Lake to the west, and is a typical river and lake wetland. The unique hydrographic conditions provide sufficient water for the wetland and a fundamental guarantee for the establishment of an intact vegetation system and ecological environment system. Reasonable functional zoning, as well as the reservation of enough habitats to separate the places where people go from the places where birds go, has reserved enough space for wetland conservation, attracting more and more birds to come and breed here. 149 species of birds have been recorded in the park so far.
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